Workshops are one, two or three days. One day workshops focus primarily on information and demonstrations, while two and three day workshops are hands-on. Individual consultations and lessons are also available.
Workshops are delivered on-site or online. Individual sessions are online only.
Custom workshops based on many topics in music technology/audio production, jazz, guitar or pedagogy can be designed on request


Current Workshops for Teachers

Designing Project-based Learning for Music
Project-based learning is not only effective, but also fun for students and teachers. Students have ownership of their learning and are more motivated, while teachers learn as much, if not more, than their students. In this workshop we’ll look at what differentiates projects from PBL and how to design and assess an effective, inclusive project for your classroom.
Flipping the Music Classroom
Flipped Learning is one of the most important trends in education. But it’s more than just videos, it’s about redefining what happens in the group space and the individual space. The good news is music classes are already halfway there. In this workshop, we focus primarily on how to transform what happens at home in the individual space and how it can improve your ensembles and classes.
Teaching Beginning Jazz Improvisation
We all improvise every day, but put an instrument in your hands and it suddenly seems like rocket science. But it’s easy to get kids started improvising and you can do it whether you’re a seasoned jazz player or a beginner yourself. No complicated theory needed, this method is based on playing what you can hear and works with any age or instrument.